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Do you feel overwhelmed?  Struggling to focus?

When you work for yourself there is always so much to be done, while running your small business.   It is easy to be busy but not effective, to let the important things slide or to be working really hard just to stand still.  If you are juggling family or other commitments too it is all too easy to get bogged down in the day to day and not move forward with the important stuff.

I feel your pain.  This is why I started Scottish Business Mums in the first place!  We all need support.

Let me help I want to choose 5 of you to have a *FREE* strategy session

You complete my questionnaire and 5 lucky people will have a 30 minute one to one session with me at a time to suit us both.

About the strategy session

Let us spend some time making a plan, set some goals and FOCUS on what is important.

Here is how it works;

  • We have a 30 minute video call (mutual agreed time)
  • We make a plan
  • You leave with a plan and focus points
  • You get a recording of the call

Here is what previous customers of strategy sessions said.

“The strategy session helped me clarify what I actually wanted to get from my business.  The BIG picture, Then it was easier to cut through and set goals which I could reach.” Amanda –

Amanada made a complete pivot after our strategy session.

In my experience Fiona Hague works in a holistic and intelligent way to really listen to the needs of your business and tune in to the ‘essence’ of what you offer as she enables you to identify new ways and fresh approaches for income, opportunity and publicity on every level. I felt heard, supported and inspired by her warm and caring presence, and she helped me to look at myself and my vision in a whole new light. I feel so grateful that Fiona ‘kickstarted’ me into action- and I am now confident in going public with my healing vocation and soul’s purpose. I can highly recommend Fiona Hague for bringing a practical method in to my creative ‘madness’! It really was a very thorough, effective and joyful session, because she is truly heart centred and crystal-clear minded when it comes to affirming and upholding your own ‘life’s mission’. – Anna

Ready to find your focus and create an manageable action plan so you can stop being busy and start making progress. Apply here.