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Six steps to tax return success

Do you hide you head in sand when it comes to business accounts?

Is this your first year in business and the thought of completing a tax return fills you with dread?

Do you stay up till midnight the last week in January to make the deadline?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Suppose someone told you exactly what you needed to do, with baby-step sized actionable exercises and hand-holding along the way?

Imagine smugly enjoying January while your friends are stressing over receipts and frantically looking for their P60.

I have spent many a January stressing about my tax return.  There is absolutely no reason to leave it to the last minute yet every year I do.  I know I am not alone – my Facebook feed lights up at that time of year with people who have lost their P60, don’t know what they can claim and stating that there just isn’t enough alcohol to get them through the month or more likely the last few days in the month.

Here’s how works.

You sign up and have instant access to materials.
There are pdfs, templates and videos.
There are 6 steps.  You might like to do one every week but it’s up to you you can work at your own pace.
Watch the video, read the pdf use the templates, complete step one then two and so on.
You can join the Facebook group – this is where Fiona and Ashley hang out and where all the additional support is given.  Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Do it a bit at a time and complete it in manageable chunks.
You have access to the course until after the end of January when your tax return is due.

If you have any questions – just ask.