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Do you have a huge pile of receipts?  A box full?  Have you lost some?  Do you keep them somewhere safe on your computer.  Maybe you have all your paper receipts in the same folder.

Your doing it wrong!  If you receipts are lying in pile somewhere

  • You do not have a handle on your business
  • you might lose them
  • you cant claim tax back on them until you process them

Here is the secret… HMRC don’t care about the paper, they are happy with a scan, a photograph or an electronic receipt.  Imagine if you could simply snap a photo with your phone and dare I say throw the paper away!  Then somehow it magicked itself into your accounts system.

You can, it does.  It is called Recieptbank, watch this video.

You simply install the app on you phone subscribe here and we set you up.  Then you can email receipts to you special email address or photograph them with your phone – or scan them if you prefer.  The magic themselves into a spreadsheet or maybe even your accounting software.

Need more info? Just ask.

We are happy to offer this to Scottish Business Mums for the very special price of £5 per month RRP is £19.99