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Women and Business

Being a business woman is a huge undertaking, you have so many jobs to do it can feel like you are running just to stand still.

At Scottish Business Mums we can’t promise that you will have less to do, but we can cheer you on while you do it.

We are a diverse and talented bunch of women so we most likely can answer your questions, help you find the “right” way quicker because we have already invested time in the “not so right way” and can let you know that you are doing just great as you are.  You can feel comfortable around other women who understand what life is like for a busy business owner.

Facebook Group

In our free Facebook group we share ideas, information and resources.  Support each other and have a place where we can celebrate success, sometimes have a moan and find intelligent supportive women to hang out with.

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We meet the Second Tuesday of every month in Pots Cafe, Cow Wynd, Falkirk.  9:30 am to 11:30 am.  Next meeting Tuesday 13th November  or Guest Speaker is Alison Harkins of Limelight Creative.